This weekend fun for all the family as Bristol plays host to the finale of National Vegetarian Week and celebrates the 10th anniversary birthday of  the award winning Vegfest UK that started as The Bristol vegan Fayre and is now one of the biggest in the world. Vegfest UK now happens 3 times a year in Brighton, London and Bristol.

For the children there’s loads to do with ethical pirates of the carob bean (Capt  James Tea Cook) and cookery workshops, kitchen science experiments with food, a shake-a-bike to make fruit smoothies, face painting, a kids craft tent by Junkfish, stories,  circus stuff, hoolahoop lessons with a girl nominated the sexiest vegan in the UK in the Peta next door neighbour awards, dancers, singing and a pirate treasure trail.

BBC nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston will be there to answer questions about kids and family nutrition – see the programme at

Only a couple of shiny coins to get in even for adults. Be there or be wishing you had been.

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Vegfest UK – VegfestUK


Exploring different ways of making dairy free vegan cheese – 50 shades of vegan Cheese


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Not sure I quite put it like that but she’s right – it does!

So there I was telling this journalist from Handbag how good Dr Michael Greger’s lecture was, then it all pops up on Yahoo!

I’ll be appearing at Vegfest in March and the Natural Products Europe show in April 2013

See you there?


Now that’s what I call cooking the books!

The Ultimate Book of Vegan Cooking

Actually though it looks like I have a new book out it’s just a paperback version of the old one. Good timing for a reprint though World Vegan Day / One World Day – November 1st

Tony in the TV kitchen cooks up a full English breakfast using dairy free cheese and meat free bacon and sausages

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Marmite Smoothie ? WTF?

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We all know Marmite is the new black. Despite what Americans and Polish people say about it Mamite lovers are unflinching in their adoration of the black stuff.

But a Marmite Smoothie ? Isn’t that going a little too far? Whats the matter with you? Have you never had miso soup?

Marmite smoothies are going to be the next big thing – just you wait.


Marmite Smoothie