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Please vote for The Vegan Cookbook nominated in The VegfestUK Awards for Best Vegan Cookbook Award

Please vote in Best Vegan Cookbook Awards

Please vote in Best Vegan Cookbook Awards

Vegan CookBook Tony Bishop-Weston

Vegan CookBook

The new version of The Vegan CookBook by Tony Bishop-Weston and nutritionists Yvonne Bishop-Weston is A5 handy size but also available on Kindle

The Daily Mail reported that being healthy takes more than just a vegan diet, you need to exercise too!

Tony Bishop-Weston Daily Mail

Vegan Chef Tony Bishop-Weston in need of exercise says Daily Mail Doctor


The Lush Cosmetics shop managers get together in Croydon to launch the Christmas range was totally vegan .

I made some delicious \Lush chocolate mousse that doubled as dairy free ice cream


Shameless plug for vegan cookbooks at The Vegetarian Society National Vegetarian Week Festival in Manchester


Me standing on, well very near, the apparently sacred turf at Everton after meeting their award winning corporate chef

My first trip out on stilts in Trafalgar Square in London to help the Animal Welfare Party